Stroke of a Pen

Who knows why I am alive!  At 85, to come back to a full life, after a stroke is more than a challenge.Pen in hand,  I decided to blog. My left side is almost gone but my brain is good and I can still write, thus “Stroke of a Pen” is appropriate.

The priest sex scandal has continued. It may have taken a slower pace but it should be zero. Women are necessary in our church to stop this, bring  more people to God and to be accepted as wives of priests.

 The Catholic church was the first church, founded by Christ and needs all mankind today. The first step should be to allow Priests to marry and bring back those who left to marry.

Let your voice be heard. Speak up for what is right and write for what is right….Stroke of a Pen!





The Editor of the Vatican newspaper, Giovanni Maria Vian tells us in the inaugural  issue devoted to women. “The catholic church was slow to recognize a Hidden Revolution in society’s attitude toward a woman’s role.

The magazine, launched on May 3rd is an insert called “WOMEN-CHURCH-WORLD” and will feature two new sections.

On May 4th, the catholic news service quoted Pietro Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State, “If we do not listen attentively to the voice of women in the great decisive moments in the life of the church, we would lose the crucial contribution of the feminine genius in the church”.

Will it be too late?  We need to all speak out now and come out of hiding. Churches are closing and merging and the future of more priests looks bleak. We need to unite before more churches close and more souls are lost.Will you help?


Married Priests

Why we need married priests now?  We are Catholic but do we really know about the  faith that we plan our entire eternal life upon. We know we live in an imperfect world but yet we accept what we have been told about celibacy as Doctrine. Or should I say haven’t been.

It is time to come to the realization that we need to know the real reasons our churches are merging and closing in the U. S. We don’t like change but it is change that brought us to a shortage of priests today. Most people think celibacy started with the beginning of our church. When Christ formed the church. the very first church. He made St. Peter the head of it. We read in Mark. chapter 1 and Mathew 8 that Peter had a mother in law.  Several Catholic websites confirm the fact that many of the apostles were married. It wasn’t until the 2nd Lateran Council in 1139 that decreed clerical marriages were invalid.

I became concerned about the lack of priests to serve when I acquired my first computer. I had been asking questions about the celibacy requirement for some time but these questions were avoided. Now. with an acute priest shortage, our church in the U. S. is greatly underserved.

It’s time to face the facts. Please go on line and discover the real  truth. I pray that you will be moved  to help the souls who need these priests and  do whatever you can.

Sarah Harding